The Parish of Clay Hill

St John & St Luke Clay Hill, Enfield, Middx.

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Registered Charity Number 1151418

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Baptism (Christening)

Holy Baptism (Christening) is the basis of the Christian life, through which God frees us from sin, gives us a new life as his children, and brings us into the membership of the Church.

At St John's and St Luke's, children are normally baptised during the Sunday Eucharist, after the parents (or guardians) have had the opportunity to discuss what is involved with one of the clergy or readers.

If you live in our parish, or if you come regularly to one of our churches, then you are welcome to have your child baptised here. We expect people to worship with us on Sundays during the period between booking the Baptism and the service itself. This enables candidates and their parents to be part of the worshipping community.

If you are having your child baptised, you will need to choose some Godparents. Each Godparent must themselves be baptised and, if possible confirmed.

There is no charge for having children baptised - It is a gift from God. However we do ask for a contribution towards the work of the parish and the upkeep of our buildings.

For those aged ten years and above, Baptism will usually be combined with Confirmation and first Communion. Please see the section on
Confirmation for details.

If you would like more information about the rite of Baptism and what it means please contact Mary Englefield
Tel: 020 8482 1082