The Parish of Clay Hill

St John & St Luke Clay Hill, Enfield, Middx.

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Registered Charity Number 1151418

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Money isn’t everything, but it sure ranks up there with oxygen and water! That applies as much for us Christians as it does for those who do not share our faith. Whereas having it can cause heartache around what to do with it or how to hold onto it, not having it can exclude us from achieving our full potential. That is as true for the life of a congregation as it is for individuals. A church starved of sufficient resources, including money, cannot properly succeed in its work for God’s mission in the world, both locally and further afield.

In 2016, it cost around £261 each day for our parish to meet all its commitments.  59% of this went on ministry and other staff-related costs and 29% on keeping our churches open.  32% of the parish’s income came from the pledged regular giving of our members through the parish’s Stewardship Scheme and 23% from other collections, occasional services and general fund raising.

How much should I give?

The Bible teaches us that our gifts should be proportional to our means and income, but there are no absolute rules for giving. In coming to your decision, remember you will be giving to God, to further his mission - it will be determined by how much you care about Christ and the Stewardship of the Gospel both in Clay Hill and elsewhere. However, the Church of England has challenged its members to give 5% (or £1 in £20) of their after-tax income to and through the Church.

Here's a few things that people buy without giving a second thought.Why not see how they compare to your own giving and ask yourself if the balance is right?


£1.50 - £2.50

TV Licence £12
a month

Gallon of

Pint of Beer

How can I give to St John’s and St Luke’s?

If you feel able to pledge a regular gift, please consider joining the parish Stewardship Scheme.
You can choose to pay in one of the following ways:

  • By setting up a standing order with your bank (either monthly, quarterly or annually)

  • By cheque or cash using the Scheme’s numbered white monthly envelopes or;

  • By cheque or cash at more extended intervals (quarterly or annually).

Making a pledge to give a regular contribution is important for both the Treasurer in planning the parish’s cashflow and you - by helping you to be disciplined and regular in your giving.

As a bonus, the Government’s Gift Aid Scheme enables the parish to reclaim 25p income tax for every £1 gifted – at no cost to the giver! Gift Aid can be used by any taxpayer who makes either regular pledged contributions scheme or occasional gifts using the yellow Gift Aid envelopes that can be found on every pew in church.

Who will know what I give?

Whatever you decide and whatever your reason, your giving will be very appreciated and your pledge will remain confidential - a matter between you and God. Only the Parish Stewardship Recorder will have access to the names of givers and the amount they give.

Who can I talk to if I have any question's?

If you need help over this or about other matters, such giving through your Will, please speak with the Vicar, a Church Warden or the Stewardship Recorder.

So how can I arrange my giving?

1. Complete the Personal Pledge Form and indicate how you want to pay your contribution.

2. If you pay income tax, tick the “I am a UK Tax Payer” box

3. If you prefer to pay by Standing Order, complete the Banker’s Order Form and send it to your bank.

4. Seal the Personal Pledge Form in an envelope and either place it in a box at the back of the church, hand it to one of the Church Wardens or the Vicar, or post it to the Stewardship Recorder c/o Clay Hill Vicarage, 92 Browning Road, Enfield, Middlesex, EN2 0HG.


What will happen next?

If you chose to pay using “Monthly Envelopes”, the Stewardship Recorder will send you a pack of 12 white Stewardship Envelopes, each of which is printed with the month and a unique number to ensure the confidentiality of your giving.

If you chose to pay by Standing Order, the first payment should be made on the date you entered on the Banker’s Order Form.

Pledge Form Bankers Form